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A simple look for hidden objects game made in few days. The main role of this game was to use a certain part of the town and made the game out of it. We made the game to promote that part of the town as the buildings we used were redesigned in a nicer way then they currently are. Main objective is to find all the items (icons) in a short span of time. Items that you have to find are displayed on the left part of the screen. When you find the object, right click on it and you are done. The game can be finished in few minutes (if you are good enough) . Good luck in finding the hidden objects and try to break a timing record.


Gordan Bezjak (sdad_711) - Programming amd UI

Bernarda Špoljarić (Bernarda) - Level design

Rober Rakarić - UI and 3D modeling

Lovro Kovačević (loki2379) - Project lead and 3D modeling



Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the Look for Luka.exe

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